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Trollface Quest 6

The new version of the Trollface Quest 6 is about sports, the main character is going to become a real athlete and you gonna help him achieve his goal

Trollface Quest 5

Do you like football ? I guess you like it because the actions of the Trollface Quest 5 takes us to the football field where the main character has to

Trollface Quest 4

In Trollface Quest 4 the main character of the game is on the Olympic games where he has to complete various tricky tasks in order to succeed.

Trollface Quest 3

Are you ready to the new tricky levels of the Trollface Quest 3? The mission is the same : click and point on the hidden objects and complete the leve

Trollface Quest 2

Trollface Quest 2 is here with a lot of new quests that you have to complete,so you can spend some great hours playing it at this page.

Trollface Quest 1

Trollface Quest 1 is the first original version of the popular game, where you have to think outside the box and complete different quests.

About Trollface Quest

Trollface Quest is a humorous flash game which is very popular all over the internet. I think that everyone knows about the popular internet meme which is called trollface. This game is about it. Even though the graphics of the game is not super, the game is very interesting. The main mission of the player is to help your character to complete difficult quests. But keep in mind that that's a difficult task because you will have to use your logical thinking skills to complete the quests. Sometimes, the key will be hidden somewhere on the stage and you will have to find it, and sometimes you will succeed only by making several actions in a row. Trollface Quest is a game for those who have time, because you won't be able to complete all levels in a few minutes.

You can definitely play all versions of the game at our websites for free. The main key is not to get mad when you can't complete the quest. If you are struggling with the quest for a long time and still can't find a solution, you can watch the walkthrough video, but I recommend you to use your brain and imagination and complete all quests on your own. Anyway, I wish you will have a great time playing Trollface Quest games at